We are the leader in the discovery and development of an exciting class of RNA-targeted drugs called antisense drugs. With our proprietary drug discovery platform, we can rapidly identify drugs from a wealth of potential targets to treat a broad range of diseases. We focus our efforts in therapeutic areas where our drugs will work best, efficiently screening many targets in parallel and carefully selecting the best drugs. By combining this efficiency with our rational approach to selecting disease targets, we have built a large and diverse portfolio of drugs we designed to treat a variety of health conditions, with an emphasis on cardiovascular, metabolic, severe and rare diseases, including neurological diseases, and cancer. We are developing antisense drugs for systemic, intrathecal and local delivery. We expect to continue to add new drugs to our pipeline, building a broad proprietary portfolio of drugs to treat many diseases and creating opportunities to generate substantial revenue. We also continue to improve our scientific understanding of our drugs, including how our drugs impact the biological processes of the diseases we target.

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