ION904 is an investigational next-generation ligand-conjugated antisense (LICA) medicine designed to inhibit the production of angiotensinogen to decrease blood pressure in people with uncontrolled hypertension. ION904 is a follow-on medicine targeting AGT, designed to enable less frequent dosing compared to IONIS-AGT-LRX.

About Treatment-Resistant Hypertension

Treatment-resistant hypertension (TRH) is defined as failure to achieve a blood pressure goal of 140/90 (systolic/diastolic) despite the use of three or more antihypertensive medications. People with TRH have been found to have a three-fold higher chance of having fatal and non-fatal cardiovascular events relative to those with controlled hypertension.

Safety and efficacy have not been evaluated by any regulatory authorities for the indications described.

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