Pelacarsen, also known as IONIS-APO(a)-LRx , AKCEA-APO(a)-LRx , and TQJ230, is an investigational ligand-conjugated antisense (LICA) medicine designed to inhibit the production of apolipoprotein(a), or apo(a), in the liver to offer a direct approach for reducing Lp(a). Elevated Lp(a) is recognized as an independent, genetic cause of CVD.

About Lp(a)

Lp(a) levels are determined at birth and lifestyle modification, including diet and exercise, do not impact Lp(a) levels. Inhibiting the production of apo(a) in the liver reduces the level of Lp(a) in blood, potentially slowing down or reversing CVD in people with hyperlipoproteinemia(a), a condition in which individuals have levels of Lp(a) greater than 50 mg/dL, the recognized threshold for risk of CVD. We believe antisense technology is well suited to address hyperlipoproteinemia(a) because it specifically targets the RNA that codes for all forms of the Apo(a) molecule. It is estimated that there are more than eight million people living with CVD and elevated levels of Lp(a).

Safety and efficacy have not been evaluated by any regulatory authorities for the indications described.

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