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Employee Spotlight

Meet a few of our employees (“Ions”) and learn more about their Ionis career journey. At Ionis, we know that sick people depend on us, so innovation is not just a goal we strive to achieve, it’s part of our DNA. From evaluating different potential indications to manufacturing oligonucleotides, Ions exemplify the Ionis culture of YES – to science, to discovery and to patients. Scroll down to learn from our team and explore if Ionis could be a good fit for you.

Isaiah Cedillo

Director, Manufacturing/Operations

I started as a summer intern in the Process Organic Chemistry department. The following summer, I switched gears and was hired as a summer intern in the Manufacturing department. Then, immediately following my master’s degree in chemical engineering, Ionis hired me as a full-time employee in Manufacturing. Most of my adult life and all of my professional life I have been manufacturing oligonucleotides. I still…

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Shruti Sasaki

Senior Scientist, Translational Medicine

I came to Ionis as a postdoctoral fellow shortly after completing my Ph.D. in RNA biology. After completing my postdoc, I transitioned to my current role as a Senior Scientist in the Translational Medicine group. While I really enjoyed conducting early stage drug discovery research during my postdoc, I was excited to gain exposure to other aspects of the drug development process through a position…

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Rob Pulido

Senior Scientist, Clinical Development

I did a brief exploratory internship in neurology clinical development at Ionis during my Ph.D. and clicked very well with my team, the role and the company. After graduate school I rejoined the group, which is responsible for the planning, design and implementation of clinical trials using antisense oligonucleotides for neurological indications. I enjoy clinical development because it is deeply rooted in science, but also…

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