Culture & Core Principles

We feel that it’s important we remain a small organization with a focus on discovery and development of products that will have an impact on disease.

Our culture reflects our Company spirit: scientific excellence, hard work, creativity, and diversity. We emphasize collaboration and mutual respect. We are committed to organizational flexibility and the blurring of organizational borders.

Individuals are rewarded on the basis of their responsibilities and accomplishments, setting high standards of performance for themselves and each other. We try to emphasize action and results, not process. And though we’re seriously focused on reaching our goals, we know how to keep the mood light and have some fun along the way.

Our Culture Statement

  • We know that sick people depend on us.
  • We are responsible for helping to create the future.
  • We believe that the future will be defined by outstanding people and we are committed to recruiting, developing, motivating, and rewarding them.
  • We are committed to planned and well-managed change.
  • We have the courage to tackle tough problems with determination and humor.
  • We know that we depend on each other. We treat one another fairly and are committed to the personal and professional growth of every person in the organization.
  • We strive for excellence. Mistakes made in the pursuit of challenging objectives are accepted.
  • We encourage diversity in our work force. Prejudicial barriers to human potential and productivity are foreign to our values.
  • We believe that open debate and the free expression of ideas from all individuals leads to the best decisions. We interrogate concepts. We challenge hypotheses. We support people.
  • We are committed to getting the job done efficiently, on time and with the resources available.
  • We have a passion to learn, to build, to grow, to create, to develop, and to market new drugs.

Core Principles

  • Dream big
  • Stay small
  • Innovate
  • Commit to science and the scientific process
  • Demand intensity, productivity and accountability
  • Have a bias to act
  • Find a way to say yes
  • Establish the fewest possible rules
  • Decentralize decision making
  • Be transparent
  • Have fun

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